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Bakery Ingredients

Breads and Bun | Flatbread | Dry Cake | Tortilla

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Confectionery Ingredients

Chocolate | Gummies | Jelly | Chewing Gums | Candies

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Meat tenderizers

Jerky | Sausages | Meat Bars | Meat Loafs | Formed Meat

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Nutraceutical Ingredients

Tablets | Capsules | Premix | Sachets | Effervescent tablets

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Animal Nutrition

Poultry | livestock | Animal Feed

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Flavour & Fragrances

Premix | Beverages | Tablets | Tea | Personal care | Home care

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PHARMACEUTICALS API | Excipients | Tablets | Syrups | Capsules | Sachets Minerals Encapsulated Ferrous Fumarate Encapsulated Ferrous Sulfate Encapsulated Ferrous Ascorbate Encapsulated Zinc Oxide Encapsulated Magnesium Oxide Encapsulated Potassium Chloride Encapsulated Chromium Chloride Vitamins Encapsulated Ascorbic Acid Encapsulated Choline Bitartarate Encapsulated Folic Acid Encapsulated Niacin Dry Vitamin A Palmitate CWS Dry Vitamin D3 CWS Dry Vitamin E Acetate CWS Amino Acids Encapsulated Lysine HCl Encapsulated Methionine Excipients Propanolol Ascorbic Acid (Coated) Selenium 1% Sennosides A+ B Yellow/White/Brown Dextrin MCC Xanthan Gum (80-200 Mesh) Zinc Oxide – Monohydrate Calcium Glycerophosphate Croscarmellose Sodium Sodium Silicate Anhydrous

Pharmaceutical Ingredients

API | Excipients | Tablets | Syrups | Capsules | Sachets

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Cosmetic Raw Materials

Formulations | Fragrances | Dyes | Pigments

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Food Ingredients

Starch | Dextrin | Preservatives | Flavours 

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